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IXMLDocument properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Active public Gives us information whether the XML document has been parsed.
ChildNodes public Lists all of the child nodes of the document.
DocumentElement public Provides access to the root node of the XML document.
Encoding public Indicates the character set that the XML document uses to encode characters.
FileName public Indicates the XML document file.
Modified public Indicates whether XML document has been modified.
Node public Provides access to the document node.
NodeIndentStr public Indicates the string that is inserted before nested nodes in the formatted XML text.
Options public Influences various aspects of the document's behavior.
ParseOptions public Specifies implementation-specific options that are followed when parsing the XML document.
SchemaRef public Returns the name of the schema associated with this XML document.
StandAlone public Indicates whether the XML document includes any external declarations.
Version public Indicates XML version that the document uses.
XML public Specifies the content of the XML document associated with this IXMLDocument interface.

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