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TGIS_Viewer fields


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
asapInterrupted protected Interrupte ASAP
bPaintTexture protected True current paint mode is done for preparing 3D texture.
bUpgradable protected Project can be upgraded to a new version.
bUponOpen protected Open function call.
FOnBusy protected Busy event.
FOnExtentChange protected ExtentChange event.
FOnHelp protected Handler for Help event.
FOnLayerAdd protected LayerAdd event.
FOnLayerDelete protected LayerDelete event.
FOnPaintException protected PaintException event.
FOnPassword protected Will be fired upon opening layer to resolve any username/password
FOnProjectClose protected On project close event.
FOnProjectOpen protected On project open event.
FOnVisibleExtentChange protected VisibleExtentChange event.
FOnZoomChange protected ZoomChange event.
hourglassInterrupted protected Hourglass state variable.
hourglassInterval protected Hourglass state variable.
hourglassProgressive protected Hourglass state variable.
hourglassState protected Hourglass state variable.
hourglassVisible protected Hourglass state variable.
iLastHash protected Hash of last opened project.
iUponSave protected Saved level called - to avoid save-upon-save case.
lastPaint protected State (zoom, visible extent etc) after last paint.
lstSubscribers protected notification subscribers list.
oldColor protected Color of screen to be restored after project changes.
oldProperties protected Old viewer properties state (to restore upon Close)
originalViewport protected Saved originalViewport value.
rotateCos protected Helper for rotations.
rotateSin protected Helper for rotations.
unrotateCos protected Helper for rotations.
unrotateSin protected Helper for rotations.

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