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TGIS_Bitmap methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
Assign public Assign bitmap from other instance.
CreateViewer public Create a bitmap viewer
DrawBitmap public Draw rectangle part of a bitmap on a apart of a bitmap
DrawShape public Draw a shape on a bitmap (for internal TGIS_Shape.PrepareContourInternal purposes).
DrawSymbol public Draws symbol
IsNilOrEmpty public Test if bitmap is emptyt or nil
LoadFromBitmap public Load bitmap from platform specific bitmap object.
LoadFromFile public Load bitmap from file.
LoadFromResourceName(IntPtr; String) public Load bitmap from resource from specific module.
LoadFromResourceName(String) public Load bitmap from DK standard resource.
LoadFromStream public Load bitmap from platform stream.
LockPixels(TGIS_Pixels) public Return read only raw pixels in native system format and native system line order,
LockPixels(TGIS_Pixels; Boolean) public Return raw pixels in native system format and native system line order.
LockPixels(TGIS_Pixels; Boolean; TGIS_BitmapFormat; TGIS_BitmapLinesOrder) public Return raw pixels
MakeGlowing public Add semitransparent "glowing" shadow to the bitmap.
MakeTransparent public Make bitmap transparent by replacing all pixels with same color as left-up corner with TGIS_Color.None color (full ARGB transparency)
NativeFormat public Native format of bitmaps (ARGB or ABGR) for current platform
NativeLineOrder public Native line order of bitmaps (up-down or down-up) for current platform.
SaveToFile public Save bitmap to file.
SaveToStream(TObject) public Save bitmap to stream.
SaveToStream(TObject; TGIS_PixelFormat; TGIS_PixelSubFormat; Integer) public Save bitmap to stream.
ScaleBitmap public Scales bitmap using filtering
UnlockPixels public Unlock pixels obtained by Lock() method.

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