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GUIScale field

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Global scale factor to scale GUI elements.


// Delphi
var GUIScale : Single = 1;
// C++ Builder
extern DELPHI_PACKAGE float GUIScale /* 1 */;


Type Default
Single 1


This is an experimental feature of DK11.49.

The purpose of this is to provide slightly bigger Legend Control and Layer Properties dialog-box to make it easier to operate when the application runs on the touchable screen (e.g. Windows table mode)

Currently supported only on VCL and FMX desktop. On FMX.Mobile does nothing because the platform manages UI elements sizes. Due to technical issues (lack of proper PerMonitor DPI), only RAD Studio 10.1 or newer is supported.

Support for WinForms and WPF is underway.

2020/12/31 01:09

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