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TGIS_WebUtils.HttpFetch method

DK11 for Delphi | GisTypes.TGIS_WebUtils.HttpFetch | Methods

Fetch data from http address

Available also on: .NET | Java.


// Delphi
  class function HttpFetch(
    const _url : String;
    const _strm : TStream = nil;
    const _onBusy : TGIS_BusyEvent = nil;
    const _cache : Boolean = True;
    const _timeout : Integer = 0;
    const _agent : String = '';
    const _referer : String = '';
    const _user : String = '';
    const _pass : String = '';
    const _decompress : Boolean = True
  ) : TGIS_HttpResponse;
// C++ Builder
  __classmethod TGIS_HttpResponse* HttpFetch(
    const UnicodeString _url,
    TStream* const _strm,
    TGIS_BusyEvent* const _onBusy,
    const bool _cache,
    const int _timeout,
    const UnicodeString _agent,
    const UnicodeString _referer,
    const UnicodeString _user,
    const UnicodeString _pass,
    const bool _decompress


Name Type Description
_url String http address (or file path)
_strm TStream stream to write returned data; if nil then stream will be allocated
_onBusy TGIS_BusyEvent busy event handle
_cache Boolean True if you caching
_timeout Integer client time out in ms
_agent String client agent
_referer String referer address
_user String user name required for authentication
_pass String user password required for authentication
_decompress Boolean if true, then procedure will attmept to decompress downloaded file


Type Description
TGIS_HttpResponse server response record defined as TGIS_HttpResponse
2020/12/31 01:09

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