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TGIS_TransformPolynomial methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
AddPoint public Add Ground Control Point (GCP) will be used by Prepare method to compute transformation matrix.
(Inherited from TGIS_TransformGCP)
Clear public Clear all GCP points.
(Inherited from TGIS_TransformGCP)
LoadFromFile public Load transformation definitions from the file.
(Overrides TGIS_Transform.LoadFromFile)
MustSave public Check if transformation was modified by editing.
(Inherited from TGIS_Transform)
Prepare public Prepare transformation based on current set of GCP points.
SaveToFile public Save transformation definitions to the file.
(Overrides TGIS_Transform.SaveToFile)
Transform public Transform point.
(Overrides TGIS_Transform.Transform)
Transform3D_Ref public Transform point 3D by reference.
(Overrides TGIS_Transform.Transform3D_Ref)
Untransform public Untransform point.
(Overrides TGIS_Transform.Untransform)
Untransform3D_Ref public Untransform point 3D by reference.
(Overrides TGIS_Transform.Untransform3D_Ref)

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