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GisSymbol namespace

DK11 for Delphi | GisSymbol | Methods | Classes | Types


Name Visibility Description
SymbolList public Cached symbol list.


Name Description
TGIS_SymbolAbstract Encapsulation of symbols.
TGIS_SymbolCGM Encapsulation of CGM symbols.
TGIS_SymbolFont Encapsulation of font symbols.
TGIS_SymbolLine Encapsulation of line symbols.
TGIS_SymbolLineEx Encapsulation of extended line symbols.
TGIS_SymbolLineHelper Internal use only.
TGIS_SymbolList Encapsulation of the symbol list (cache).
TGIS_SymbolPicture Encapsulation of picture symbols.
TGIS_SymbolSVG Encapsulation of SVG symbols.

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