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GisStatistics classes


Name Description
TGIS_StatisticsAbstract General statistics class.
TGIS_StatisticsFactory Class for creating statistics objects depending on a layer type.
TGIS_StatisticsItem General class for storing single statistical value.
TGIS_StatisticsItemDouble Class for storing double-precision statistical value.
TGIS_StatisticsItemInteger Class for storing integer statistical value.
TGIS_StatisticsItemVariant Class for storing variant statistical value.
TGIS_StatisticsItemVariantList Class for storing statistical result with list of variants.
TGIS_StatisticsLayer Statistics class for vector layers.
TGIS_StatisticsLayerResult Container for layer's statistics result.
TGIS_StatisticsPixel Statistics class for raster layers.
TGIS_StatisticsResult Container for statistics results.
TGIS_StatisticsVector Statistics class for vector layers.
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