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TGIS_RendererAbstract.RenderBitmap(TObject; TGIS_Pixels; TPoint; TRect; TGIS_BitmapFormat; TGIS_BitmapLinesOrder) method

DK11 for Delphi | GisRendererAbstract.TGIS_RendererAbstract.RenderBitmap | Overloads | Constructors | Fields | Methods | Properties

Render bitmap on a current canvas.

Available also on: .NET | Java | ActiveX | Python.


// Delphi
  procedure RenderBitmap(
    const _handle : TObject;
    const _bmp : TGIS_Pixels;
    const _size : TPoint;
    const _dst : TRect;
    const _format : TGIS_BitmapFormat;
    const _order : TGIS_BitmapLinesOrder
  ); overload; virtual; abstract;
// C++ Builder
  virtual void RenderBitmap(
    TObject* const _handle,
    TGIS_Pixels* const _bmp,
    TPoint* const _size,
    TRect* const _dst,
    TGIS_BitmapFormat* const _format,
    TGIS_BitmapLinesOrder* const _order
  ) = 0 /* overload */;


Name Type Description
_handle TObject handle to the context obtained by RenderBitmapBegin; cam be nil for non progressive display
_bmp TGIS_Pixels array of bitmap pixels
_size TPoint width/height of _bmp (in pixels)
_dst TRect destination rectangle (in pixels); scaling will apply if required
_format TGIS_BitmapFormat pixel format of _bmp array
_order TGIS_BitmapLinesOrder line order of _bmp array


Must be paired with RenderBitmapBegin

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