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TGIS_ParamsSection methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
Assign public Assign values from _source object.
(Overrides TGIS_ParamsAbstract.Assign)
CreateCopy public Make a copy of the object.
(Inherited from TGIS_ParamsAbstract)
LoadFromConfig public Load parameters from the configuration file.
(Overrides TGIS_ParamsAbstract.LoadFromConfig)
ResetSerial public Reset serial numer conter.
(Inherited from TGIS_ParamsAbstract)
SaveToConfig public Save parameters into the configuration file.
(Overrides TGIS_ParamsAbstract.SaveToConfig)
Touch public Touch the object by incrementing Serial number.
(Inherited from TGIS_ParamsAbstract)

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