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TGIS_PointCloudToGrid class

DK11 for Delphi | GisInterpolation.TGIS_PointCloudToGrid | Classes | Constructors | Methods | Properties

Provides the means to convert a point cloud vector layer such as LIDAR to a digital elevation model (grid layer).

Available also on: .NET | Java | ActiveX.


// Delphi
  TGIS_PointCloudToGrid = class( TGIS_VectorToGridAbstract )
// C++ Builder
class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TGIS_PointCloudToGrid : public TGIS_VectorToGridAbstract



Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
Create public


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
Generate(TGIS_LayerVector; TGIS_Extent; String; TGIS_LayerPixel; TGIS_Extent) public Populates a pixel (grid) layer with values resulting from computations based on the set of sample points from the vector layer.
Generate(TGIS_LayerVector; TGIS_LayerPixel) public Generates a grid layer based on a vector layer with point cloud.


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Assignment public Defines method of assigning point values within each pixel; default is Mean.
Coordinate public Defines which coordinate is taken as interpolation value if the interpolation is not based on an attribute field; default is Z.
(Inherited from TGIS_VectorToGridAbstract)
DefaultValue public If UseDefaultValue is true, then this value will be set for each grid cell for which the interpolated value cannot be computed.
(Inherited from TGIS_VectorToGridAbstract)
DefaultValueFormula public Defines cell assignment method for NoData filling; default is DefaultValue.
Exponent public Exponent in the formula for weight calculation; default value is 2.
UseDefaultValue public If true, then each grid cell for which the interpolated value cannot be computed will be set to DefaultValue.
(Inherited from TGIS_VectorToGridAbstract)
WindowSize public Defines window size for filling NoData process; odd value required, even values will be rounded up; default value is 3.

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