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GetSQLDialect method

DK11 for Delphi | GisInternals.GetSQLDialect | Enums | Fields | Methods | Types

Returns, as a String, the content of a SQL Dialect.


// Delphi
function GetSQLDialect(
  const _dialect : String
) : String;
// C++ Builder
extern DELPHI_PACKAGE UnicodeString GetSQLDialect(
  const UnicodeString _dialect


Name Type Description
_dialect String name of the dialect


Type Description
String Content of a SQL Dialect.


Dialect will be reviewed form the: internal list or files located in Program Files\Common Files\TatukGIS\SQLDialect directory.

Files in a directory should be named without extension.

File in a directory will override the internal list.

Because of Oracle uniqueness is very important the first line of the oracle related file will have the line:

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