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ExpandForcedRTreePath method

DK11 for Delphi | GisInternals.ExpandForcedRTreePath | Enums | Fields | Methods | Types

Expand RTree path for file based of ForcedRTreePath.


// Delphi
function ExpandForcedRTreePath(
  const _path : String
) : String;
// C++ Builder
extern DELPHI_PACKAGE UnicodeString ExpandForcedRTreePath(
  const UnicodeString _path


Name Type Description
_path String default .Rtree path


Type Description
String Expanded RTree path.


  • If ForcedRtreePath is empty then default path of .rtree file is used,
  • If ForcedRtreePath is no empty and .rtree file in a default location does not exits then file will be managed in ForcedRTreePath directory. Suppose that ForcedRtreePath is 'c:\tmp' and original file name is 'c:\data\file.shp.rtree' then expanded path becomes: 'c:\tmp\c_data_file.shp.rtree'

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