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ConvertParamString method

DK11 for Delphi | GisInternals.ConvertParamString | Enums | Fields | Methods | Types

Convert a literal value into an internal representation.


// Delphi
function ConvertParamString(
  const _value : String;
  const _default : String
) : String;
// C++ Builder
extern DELPHI_PACKAGE UnicodeString ConvertParamString(
  const UnicodeString _value,
  const UnicodeString _default


Name Type Description
_value String value to translate; _value string is expected to be in C/C# format: so '\\' will be converted to '\' and '\n' to CRLF (new line - codes 13+10) ; if value starts with '
_default String default value if provided value is empty


Type Description
String Internal representation of value.
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