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GisSetProxySettings method

DK11 for Delphi | GisFunctions.GisSetProxySettings | Fields | Methods

Set global proxy settings.


// Delphi
procedure GisSetProxySettings(
  const _server : String;
  const _port : Integer;
  const _user : String;
  const _pass : String;
  const _domain : String
// C++ Builder
extern DELPHI_PACKAGE void GisSetProxySettings(
  const UnicodeString _server,
  const int _port,
  const UnicodeString _user,
  const UnicodeString _pass,
  const UnicodeString _domain


Name Type Description
_server String Host to be used as a proxy
_port Integer Port used to communicate to the proxy
_user String UserName needed to be authenticated to the proxy
_pass String PassWord needed to be authenticated to the proxy
_domain String Domain to be used with the proxy
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