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GisFileTIFF namespace


Name Visibility Description
HSIZE public LZW compression constant used to define hash and code arrays size.
MAXPREALLOC public LZW compression constant used to define string table array size.
TIFF_BIGENDIAN public Byte Order MM: from most significant Byte to the least significant Byte e.g.
TIFF_BIGTIFFCONFIRM public identifies TIFF file
TIFF_CONFIRM public identifies TIFF file
TIFF_GRID_NOVALUE public Default TIFF no data value.
TIFF_LITTLEENDIAN public Byte Order II: from least significant Byte to the most significant Byte e.g.
WORLD_FILE_EXT_TIF public Extension of world file (extension definition file foe pixel layer).
WORLD_FILE_EXT_TIF2 public Extension of world file (extension file for pixel layer).
WORLD_FILE_EXT_TIF3 public Extension of world file (extension file for pixel layer).


Name Visibility Description
ReadFGK public reads TGIS_FileTIFF_GeoKey structure from stream
ReadFT public reads TGIS_FileTIFF_Tag structure from stream
ReadFT64 public reads TGIS_FileTIFF_Tag64 structure from stream
ReadFTG public reads TGIS_FileTIFF_TagGeo structure from stream
WriteFGK public writes TGIS_FileTIFF_GeoKey structure to stream
WriteFT public writes TGIS_FileTIFF_Tag structure to stream
WriteFTG public writes TGIS_FileTIFF_TagGeo structure to stream


Name Description
TGIS_FileTIFF The Class which encapsulates the writing of a bitmap as a TIFF file.
TGIS_FileTIFFDecoder Encapsulation of TIFF decoding.
TGIS_FileTIFFLZWCompRecord LZW compressor class


Name Description
TGIS_FileTIFFDecodeState Actual state of decoding.

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