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TGIS_FileGeoraster fields


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
FBandB protected Mapped raster blue band.
FBandG protected Mapped raster green band.
FBandList protected Bands list.
FBandR protected Mapped raster red band.
FBlankValue protected Blank value.
FBlockBuf protected Block buffer.
FBlockBufferSize protected Block buffer size.
FCacheList protected Cache list.
FCacheMode protected Cache mode.
FCellBufferSize protected Cell buffer size.
FCellSizeBits protected Cell size in bits.
FCellSizeBytes protected Cell size.
FColumnBlockSize protected Column block size.
FColumnName protected Georaster image column name.
FCurrentBlock protected Current block number.
FCurrentLevel protected Current level number.
FDataTable protected Georaster image data table name.
FDb protected Handle to database
FExtent protected Layer extent.
FGIS_Layer protected Parent layer.
FIsGrid protected Is grid image.
FMustDecompress protected If True, the data must be decompressed.
FPixelSizeX protected Pixel X size.
FPixelSizeY protected Pixel Y size.
FPreparedLevelIO protected True if IO was initialized.
FRasterId protected Raster id in the table.
FRasterIdList protected list of raster indexes
FRowBlockSize protected Row block size.
FScopeEof protected Is scope at the end.
FScopeFactor protected Scope level factor.
FScopePos protected Scope position.
FScopeRect protected Scope rectangle.
FSQLParameters protected Connect string.
FTableName protected Georaster table name.
FTotalColumnBlocks protected Total columns blocks count.
FTotalRowBlocks protected Total rows blocks count.
FWhere protected Where sql clause.
XMLMetadata protected XML metadata.

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