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TGIS_FileFGDB methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
AddField public Delete a field from table.
Build public Build new structure.
CloseDatabase public Close connection.
CloseTable public Close a table.
CreateLayer public Build new layer.
CreateRecord public Create new record.
CursorClose public Close a cursor.
CursorEof public Check if a cursor is in EOF state.
CursorFirst public Move to the first shape in the cursor.
CursorNext public Move to the next shape in the cursor.
CursorOpen public Open a cursor.
CursorShape public Get current shape of the cursor
DeleteField public Delete a field from table.
DeleteLayer public Delete a layer.
DeleteRecord public Delete record in table.
EndBulkTransaction public End bulk transaction.
GetAvailableLayers public Get available layers with their types from database.
GetDateTime public Get a row date time value.
GetDouble public Get a row double value.
GetFloat public Get a row float value.
GetInteger public Get a row integer value.
GetLastRecordOID public Get last inserted record OID.
GetLayer public Get main layer.
GetOID public Get a row OID value.
GetRecord public Get record from table.
GetString public Get a row string value.
InsertRecord public Insert record into table.
NewDatabase public Create new database.
OpenDatabase public Open a connection.
OpenTable public Open a table.
RecordSetField public Set record field.
RecordSetGeometry public Set record geometry.
StartBulkTransaction public Start bulk transaction (faster import).
UpdateRecord public Update record in table.

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