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TGIS_EditorPointState record

DK11 for Delphi | GisEditor.TGIS_EditorPointState | Records | Fields

For internal use of TGIS_Editor. Status of point editing.

Available also on: .NET | Java | ActiveX | Python.


// Delphi
  TGIS_EditorPointState = record
// C++ Builder
struct DECLSPEC_DRECORD TGIS_EditorPointState


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Action public Action to be performed.
Buf public Buffer for editing - all points in part.
Count public Number of points in buffer.
MouseStart public Start mouse position - to track minimal movements.
MustDeleteOrMove public If True point must be deleted.
Point public New position of point.
Pos public Position of points in buffer.
WasMouseBegin public Switched on MouseBegin/MouseEnd.

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