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TGIS_Editor properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
BlockSnapping public If True, block snapping operations during adding points.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.BlockSnapping)
CanRedo public If True, redo buffer is not empty.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.CanRedo)
CanUndo public If True, undo buffer is not empty.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.CanUndo)
CurrentShape public Currently edited shape.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.CurrentShape)
EditingEdgeLengthsStyle published Edges lengths style.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.EditingEdgeLengthsStyle)
EditingLinesStyle published Editing lines style.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.EditingLinesStyle)
EditingPointsStyle published Editing points style.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.EditingPointsStyle)
EditorMode published Determines how new vertices are created relative to existing vertices.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.EditorMode)
InEdit public If True, editing is active.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.InEdit)
Layer public Layer that holds the shape being currently edited.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.Layer)
MinMove published Minimal mouse movement to perform a change.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.MinMove)
Mode public Mode of edition.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.Mode)
MustRedraw public True if editor should be redraw.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.MustRedraw)
Part public Part number of currently edited shape.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.Part)
Point public Access to individual points in a part.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.Point)
PointCount public Number of points in the current part of the currently edited shape.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.PointCount)
PointerMode public Pointer mode ( mouse, touch or pen ).
(Implements IGIS_Editor.PointerMode)
PointPos public Position of the currently edited point.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.PointPos)
SelectTolerance published Distance tolerance of vertices selection.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.SelectTolerance)
SelectTolerancePen published Distance tolerance of vertices selection upon pen gesture.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.SelectTolerancePen)
SelectToleranceTouch published Distance tolerance of vertices selection upon touch gesture.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.SelectToleranceTouch)
ShowDraggingTrack published Show dragging track upon point move.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.ShowDraggingTrack)
ShowEdgesLengths published If True, show edges lengths from vertex to vertex.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.ShowEdgesLengths)
ShowPoints3D published If True, show the Z coordinates for the vertices.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.ShowPoints3D)
ShowPointsNumbers published If True, show the vertex numbers.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.ShowPointsNumbers)
ShowTracking published If True, show vertices to trace from a shape in the snap-to layer.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.ShowTracking)
SnapGridSpacing published The spacing of the grid to which points will be snapped.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.SnapGridSpacing)
SnapLayer public Layer containing geometry to which edited points will be snapped.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.SnapLayer)
SnapMargin published The distance tolerance from the snap-to feature for a snap to occur.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.SnapMargin)
SnapToIntersection published If True, enable snap to the point of intersections between shapes.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.SnapToIntersection)
SnapType published Snap type - how to snap to a vertex or segment.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.SnapType)
Uid public Uid of currently edited shape or -1.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.Uid)
Viewer public Viewer on which editor has been created.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.Viewer)
ViewerEnabled published Set to true if Editor Mode is enabled in a TGIS_ViewerWnd.
(Implements IGIS_Editor.ViewerEnabled)

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