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TGIS_CSProjectedCoordinateSystemList.Add(Integer; String; Integer; Integer; Integer; TGIS_CSProjParameters; Boolean; Integer) method


// Delphi
  function Add(
    const _epsg : Integer;
    const _wkt : String;
    const _geogcs : Integer;
    const _units : Integer;
    const _projection : Integer;
    const _parameters : TGIS_CSProjParameters;
    const _reversed : Boolean;
    const _area : Integer
  ) : TGIS_CSProjectedCoordinateSystem; overload; reintroduce; virtual;
// C++ Builder
  virtual TGIS_CSProjectedCoordinateSystem* Add(
    const int _epsg,
    const UnicodeString _wkt,
    const int _geogcs,
    const int _units,
    const int _projection,
    TGIS_CSProjParameters* const _parameters,
    const bool _reversed,
    const int _area
  ) /* overload */;


Name Type Description
_epsg Integer EPSG code for the PCS
_wkt String WKT name for the PCS
_geogcs Integer EPSG code for the GCS
_units Integer EPSG code for units
_projection Integer EPSG code for the projection
_parameters TGIS_CSProjParameters projection parameters
_reversed Boolean True if coordinates are not in Easting-Northing order
_area Integer EPSG code for the area of validity


Type Description
TGIS_CSProjectedCoordinateSystem Newly created object or nil.


function will not check _epsg and _wkt for being unique

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