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GisCsSystems namespace

DK11 for Delphi | GisCsSystems | Methods | Classes


Name Visibility Description
CSGeographicCoordinateSystemList public Returns the list of all Geographical Coordinate Systems defined.
CSProjectedCoordinateSystemList public Returns the list of all Projected Coordinate Systems defined.
CSUnknownCoordinateSystem public Returns the predefined Unknown Coordinate System object.


Name Description
TGIS_CSCoordinateSystem A Coordinate system.
TGIS_CSGeographicCoordinateSystem A Geographic Coordinate system.
TGIS_CSGeographicCoordinateSystemList List of all Geographic Coordinate Systems.
TGIS_CSProjectedCoordinateSystem A Projected Coordinate system.
TGIS_CSProjectedCoordinateSystemList List of all Projected Coordinate Systems.
TGIS_CSUnknownCoordinateSystem An Unknown Projected Coordinate system.

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