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GisClasses classes


Name Description
EGIS_Exception Exception class for all GIS_Viewer exceptions.
EGIS_PaintException Exception class for GIS_Viewer paint exceptions.
TGIS_AliasList List for aliases.
TGIS_BusyEventManager Class useful for progress implementation in single or multistage algorithms.
TGIS_Bytes Helper class like TBytes, but with setting start position.
TGIS_ColorRampList List object for color ramps.
TGIS_EditorEdgeLengthsStyle Editor editing edge lengths style.
TGIS_EditorEditingPointsStyle Editor editing points style.
TGIS_EditorStyle Editor style.
TGIS_EnvironmentInfo Structure for determining basic environment information.
TGIS_FieldInfo Field structure information.
TGIS_FieldList A field-value list.
TGIS_Materials Class managing a list of texture materials.
TGIS_Normals Class managing a list of normal vectors.
TGIS_PartDescriptors Class managing a list of Part Descriptors.
TGIS_PasswordList List for storing passwords.
TGIS_Point3DList A point list.
TGIS_PointList A point list.
TGIS_ProxySettings Global proxy settings class.
TGIS_Stack<T> A stack
TGIS_StreamAdapter Interfaced object that implements IStream interface.
TGIS_Textures Class managing a list of texture coordinates.
TGIS_ThreadClass A simple class with encapsulate basic critical section locking mechanism.
TGIS_ThreadStorage Thread storage.
TGIS_Tokenizer A simple tokenizer for parameters line splitting.
TGIS_VariantList A variant list.
TGIS_VertexColors Class managing a list of Vertex Color .
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