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GisDrawArcLabel method

DK11 for Delphi | GisArcLabel.GisDrawArcLabel | Methods

This function will perform all actions necessary to draw labels that "follow the road".


// Delphi
function GisDrawArcLabel(
  const _original : TObject;
  const _truncated : TObject;
  const _part : Integer;
  const _label : String;
  const _tiled : Boolean;
  const _savePoints : Boolean;
  var _points : TGIS_DrawBuf
) : Boolean;
// C++ Builder
extern DELPHI_PACKAGE bool GisDrawArcLabel(
  TObject* const _original,
  TObject* const _truncated,
  const int _part,
  const UnicodeString _label,
  const bool _tiled,
  const bool _savePoints,
  TGIS_DrawBuf* &_points


Name Type Description
_original TObject original shape - truncated shape has no fields etc.
_truncated TObject shape on which all action must be performed; it MUST be a TGIS_ShapeArc
_part Integer the part of the shape on which the action is to be performed
_label String label to be displayed
_tiled Boolean tiled rendering
_savePoints Boolean if True, points of the label will be saved
_points TGIS_DrawBuf list of points delimiting label area


Type Description
Boolean True if label was drawn
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