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TGIS_ControlAttributes properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
AllowNull published True, NULL fields are accepted.
AllowRestructure published True, fields can be restructured.
BiDiMode published Emulation of VCL BiDiMode for translation purpose
BiDiModeFromTranslation published Decides where use BiDiMode from property or from translation
FieldNameColumnWidth published Width of the left column
Font published Font used when displaying text
FontColor published Color used when displaying text
IgnoreFldxDefinition published When True, 'Fldx' rules are ignored.
LayoutType published Layout type.
ReadOnly published True, if component is Read Only.
ShowBtnCancel published True, if 'Cancel' button comes up
ShowBtnOk published True, if 'OK' button comes up
ShowInternalFields published If true, fields like GIS_AREA, GIS_LENGTH will be displayed.
ShowVirtualFields published Show or hide virtual layer fields.
StyledSettings published Set of styled text representation properties.
Units public Units used for displaying GIS_LENGTH/GIS_AREA.
UnitsEPSG public Units EPSG code for displaying GIS_LENGTH and GIS_AREA fields.
VirtualFields published The set of virtual fields that are displayed when ShowVirtualFields property is active.

2023/07/14 10:51

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