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TGIS_ParamsFeature properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Bitmap public Interior bitmap.
Color public Interior color.
ColorAsText public Color. Grouping as a text property all properties that affect Color presentation like Color or ColorEx.Uses AsText parameter syntax.
OutlineBackcolor public Outline backcolor; used for dash styles.
OutlineBitmap public Outline bitmap.
OutlineColor public Outline color.
OutlineColorAsText public OutlineColor.
OutlinePattern public Outline pattern.
OutlinePatternAsText public Outline pattern.
OutlineStyle public Outline style.
OutlineStyleAsText public OutlineStyle.
OutlineWidth public Outline width.
OutlineWidthAsText public OutlineWidth.
Pattern public Interior pattern.
PatternAsText public Pattern. Grouping as a text property all properties that affect Outline presentation like Symbol, Bitmap or Style.Uses AsText parameter syntax.
Serial public Serial number updated after any property change.
(Inherited from ITGIS_ParamsAbstract)
Shape public Shape associated with parameter (if any) belongs.
(Inherited from ITGIS_ParamsSpecific)
ShowLegend public Show feature in legend component?
SmartSize public Default minimum bounding box size which is to be visible (>0 in twips, <0 in pixels).
SmartSizeAsText public Smart Size.

2019/01/25 16:00

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