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ITGIS_Viewer3DBase properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
AdvNavigation public Standard / AdvanceNavigation switch if True mouse location become a rotation point if False screen center is a rotation point
AllowDemTransparency public Get AllowDemTransparency status.
BasePlane public BasePlane parameters, active, level & colors
CameraPosition public Camera position in radians; Changes of CameraPosition settings change CameraRotation settings; Camera always points to the central point of the visible area; * X height of the camera above horizon, range 0 - Pi/2 rad; * Y azimuth to the camera from natural north, range 0 - 2Pi rad; * Z distance to the camera in map units; * M optional parameter, for future use.
CameraPositionEx public Camera position in XYZ in map units Changes of CameraPositionEx settings do not change CameraRotation settings; * X x coordinate; * Y y coordinate; * Z z coordinate; * M optional parameter, for future use.
CameraRotation public Camera rotation in radians; * X x rotation, vertical , range +- Pi/2 rad; * Y y rotation, inclination, range +- Pi/2 rad; * Z z rotation, horizontal , range 0 - 2Pi rad; * M camera focal length in millimeters, range 20 - 500 mm (default 50).
CutAbove public Set CutAbove value for DEM cells with z > CutAbove
CutBelow public Set CutBelow value for DEM cells with z < CutBelow
DemCachedSize public Grid size used to display regular DEMs & IMAGEs
DemDetailExtentFactor public Extent in which DEM is displayed in max LevelOfDetail (must be >= 0.5, 1 means screen width).
DemDraftExtentFactor public Extent in which DEM is displayed in lower LevelOfDetail (must be >= 1.0, 4 means 4 times screen width).
DemGridSize public Current grid size setting.
DemIsolineColor public Isoline color
DemIsolineGap public Isoline gap
DemWalls public DEM wall types
EdgesColor public Vector edges color
ErrorMessage public Get error message String.
FastMode public Block scene redrawing when set to True, immediately redraws scene when set to False
Flood public Flood parameters, active, level & color, transparency
HideLabelsUponNavigation public Labels not drawn during scene navigation etc.
IgnoreAbove public Set noDataValue for DEM cells with z > IgnoreAbove value
IgnoreBelow public Set noDataValue for DEM cells with z < IgnoreBelow value
IgnoreEllipsoidHeight public If set to True, differences in Z value caused by different ellipsoids will be ignored
IsBusy public Flag. If True, Viewer is busy in painting.
KeepSunCamera public Check for keeping sun and camera positions relative.
LightVector public Revers Light normal Vector
Mode public Viewer3D mode working mode (camera mode, sun, zoom, select ...).
OrthoView public Orthogonal View switch, if, True camera looks orthogonally, camera can be moved only in XY plane, zoom is allowed
PixelSize public Get the pixel size (xsize & ysize) at reference point in map units
ReferencePoint public ReferencePoint in map units, usually screen center.
ReferencePointMode public Set reference (rotation) point to one of GIS_3DReferencePoint type: Base, Zero, OnDem, Lowest, Highest, FlyOnDem
ReferencePointOffsetZ public Set reference (rotation) point Z value offset.
Scale public Setting up and reading the 3D scale factor.
ScaleAsText public Setting up and reading the 3D scale factor as text in format '1:10000'.
ScaleM public M scaling; default is 1.
ScaleZ public Z scaling; default is 1.
ShadowsLevel public Shadows level; 0..100; 0-deep shadows, 100-light shadows
ShowDemTexture public Turn Texture on/off.
ShowLabels public Labels mode on/off.
ShowLights public Turn Lights on/off.
ShowReferencePoint public Turn ReferencePoint drawing on/off.
ShowVectorEdges public Turn VectorEdges drawing on/off.
ShowWireframe public Wire frame mode on/off.
SunPosition public Sun position in radian; natural north * X height of the sun above horizon, range +- Pi/2 rad; initial Pi/4 (45 deg) * Y azimuth to the sun from natural north, range 0 - 2Pi rad; initial 3Pi/4 (225 deg)
TransparencyPriority public Transparency priority.
UniverseColor public 3D viewer color of area which exceeds map extent
VectorExtentFactor public Extent from which vector is displayed (must be >= 1.0, 2 means 2 times screen width).
VectorSimplification public Enable/disable vector simplification process.
VectorSmartSize public Shape size in pixels, less or equal will not be displayed ( must be >= 0 )
ViewRestriction public Current 3D view restrictions.
VisibleExtent public Get/set 2D extent visible in 3D window.
VisibleExtent3D public Get 3D extent visible in 3D window.
WallsColor public DEM wall color
Zoom public Get 3D zoom, same as TGIS_Viewer.Zoom

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