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ITGIS_Shape.Recreate_2 method

DK11 for ActiveX | TatukGIS_XDK11.ITGIS_Shape.Recreate_2 | Methods | Properties

Recreate an instance.

Available also on: Delphi.


// C#
public void Recreate_2(
  ITGIS_Shape _source,
  SYSINT _ptr,
  WordBool _mapped,
  OleVariant _uid,
  ITGIS_LayerVector _layer,
  TGIS_DimensionType _dim
' VisualBasic
Public Sub Recreate_2(
  ByVal _source As ITGIS_Shape,
  ByVal _ptr As SYSINT,
  ByVal _mapped As WordBool,
  ByVal _uid As OleVariant,
  ByVal _layer As ITGIS_LayerVector,
  ByVal _dim As TGIS_DimensionType
// Oxygene
  procedure Recreate_2(
    _source : ITGIS_Shape;
    _ptr : SYSINT;
    _mapped : WordBool;
    _uid : OleVariant;
    _layer : ITGIS_LayerVector;
    _dim : TGIS_DimensionType


Name Type Description
_source ITGIS_Shape If not nil, then the base shape will be based on this shape. Otherwise _ptr, _uid and _layer will be used.
_ptr SYSINT Address in memory where shape data exists.
_mapped WordBool True if pointer is mapped to the file
_uid OleVariant Unique identifier for shape.
_layer ITGIS_LayerVector Reference to the layer on which the shape will be created.
_dim TGIS_DimensionType Dimension.


Use this method to recreate an instance with new basic values. Needed for faster FindNext in mapped file shapes. In such a situation shapes will be "reused" in FindNext loop. See Create method for details and example.

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