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ITGIS_SemivarianceWithSill interface

DK11 for ActiveX | TatukGIS_XDK11.ITGIS_SemivarianceWithSill | Interfaces | Methods | Properties

Abstract class for all semivariance models with range and sill.

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | Java | ActiveX | Python.


// C#
public interface ITGIS_SemivarianceWithSill: ITGIS_SemivarianceWithRange
' VisualBasic
Public Interface ITGIS_SemivarianceWithSill
  Implements ITGIS_SemivarianceWithRange
End Class
// Oxygene
  ITGIS_SemivarianceWithSill = public interface( ITGIS_SemivarianceWithRange )



Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
AttachDelphiObj public Only for internal use of TatukGIS.
(Inherited from ITBaseObject)
Calculate public Calculates the value of semivariance for a given distance.
(Inherited from ITGIS_SemivarianceAbstract)
DelphiObj public Only for internal use of TatukGIS.
(Inherited from ITBaseObject)
Prepare public If necessary, performs preliminary computations; is called before Calculate for each point set.
(Inherited from ITGIS_SemivarianceAbstract)


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Nugget public The nugget of semivariance.
(Inherited from ITGIS_SemivarianceAbstract)
Range public Range of the semivariance formula.
(Inherited from ITGIS_SemivarianceWithRange)
Sill public The sill of semivariance.

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