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ITGIS_PrintManagerEvents.BeforePrintPageEvent method

DK11 for ActiveX | TatukGIS_XDK11.ITGIS_PrintManagerEvents.BeforePrintPageEvent | Methods

BeforePrintPage event. Will be fired before printing each page.

Available also on: Delphi VCL | .NET WinForms.


// C#
public void BeforePrintPageEvent(
  ref WordBool Translated,
  ITGIS_PrintManager Printmanager,
  ref WordBool Lastpage
' VisualBasic
Public Sub BeforePrintPageEvent(
  ByRef Translated As WordBool,
  ByVal Printmanager As ITGIS_PrintManager,
  ByRef Lastpage As WordBool
// Oxygene
  procedure BeforePrintPageEvent(
    var Translated : WordBool;
    Printmanager : ITGIS_PrintManager;
    var Lastpage : WordBool


Name Type Description
Translated WordBool
Printmanager ITGIS_PrintManager
Lastpage WordBool


Use this event to provide some extra printing or to modify print templates upon printing on multiple pages.

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