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ITGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator interface

DK11 for ActiveX | TatukGIS_XDK11.ITGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator | Interfaces | Methods | Properties

Vector layer enumerator.

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | Java | ActiveX.


// C#
public interface ITGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator: ITBaseObject
' VisualBasic
Public Interface ITGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator
  Implements ITBaseObject
End Class
// Oxygene
  ITGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator = public interface( ITBaseObject )



Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
AttachDelphiObj public Only for internal use of TatukGIS.
(Inherited from ITBaseObject)
BindField public Obtain a bind number for a given field name.
Create_ public Create an enumerator instance.
Create_2 public Create an enumerator instance.
DelphiObj public Only for internal use of TatukGIS.
(Inherited from ITBaseObject)
GetField public Get field value for a shape given by unique identity.
MoveNext public Move to next record
Reset public Reset enumerator.


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Current public Current enumerator value.
Cursor public Current cursor index.


There is no garbage collector for TGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator instances. Because of this, the layer enumerator must be destroyed, by calling TGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator.Free, after it has been used. Check examples below.

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