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ITGIS_HierarchyManager interface

DK11 for ActiveX | TatukGIS_XDK11.ITGIS_HierarchyManager | Interfaces | Methods | Properties

Hierarchy manager class.

The hierarchy data contain a hierarchy list and additional hierarchy groups that are saved in a project file under [TatukGIS Hierarchy] and [TatukGIS GroupN] sections.

The hierarchy list section has a format like:

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | Java | ActiveX.


// C#
public interface ITGIS_HierarchyManager: ITBaseObject
' VisualBasic
Public Interface ITGIS_HierarchyManager
  Implements ITBaseObject
End Class
// Oxygene
  ITGIS_HierarchyManager = public interface( ITBaseObject )



Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
AddGroup public
AddLayer public
AddOtherLayers public
AttachDelphiObj public Only for internal use of TatukGIS.
(Inherited from ITBaseObject)
ClearGroups public
CreateGroup public
Create_ public Constructor.
DeleteGroup public
DeleteLayer public
DelphiObj public Only for internal use of TatukGIS.
(Inherited from ITBaseObject)
GetGroups public
GetHierarchy public
InsertGroup public
InsertLayer public
LoadHierarchy public
MoveGroup public
MoveGroupEx public
MoveLayer public
ParseHierarchy public
ParseHierarchy_2 public


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Groups public
GroupsCount public
IsModified public

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