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ITGIS_ContourGenerator properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
ContourBase public The "base" relative to which contour intervals are applied.
ContourInterval public The elevation interval between generated contours.
CustomNoData public If True the NoDataValue will be used as nodata value; default is False
FixedLevelCount public The number of elements in FixedLevels property.
FixedLevels public The list of fixed levels at which contours should be generated.
MinSize public Minimum dimension in meters for generated features; Minimum length for polylines, minimum area for polygons.
Mode public Type of contour generator output; default is Polylines.
NoDataValue public The value to use as a NoData value.
Smoothen public If True then the generated contours will be smoothened.
SmoothFactor public Smooth factor.

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